Smoke Odor Removal & Damage Cleanup

The crew at Master Extractor have been providing fire and smoke odor removal, damage and clean up & restoration for more than 25 yrs. training provided for our technicians and are always up to date on their certifications. We know that the smallest of fires can cause major smoke damages to the walls and furniture of your structure. Small particles from the charred materials will attach to everything in the structure. We have all the proper equipment needed to remove soot damaged areas and smoke odor from your property. for all of your emergency fire restoration services.  Our crews are available around the clock, every day of the year. Please call our dispatchers with any job you may need help with at 800-878-9621.

At Master Extractor some of the services we provide for you is fire and smoke damage, odor removal, water removal, contents cleaning & drying, pack outs. We have the products and equipment necessary to remove any smoke damages or lingering noxious smells after a fire. We use air movers and air scrubbers to clean the air in your building caused by fire and lingering soot. Carcinogens, if not properly cleaned can also cause a health hazard to you if you breath it in. 

After a fire, the first thing you should do is contact your insurance company immediately. A professional fire restoration company will provide you with information needed and work with your adjuster to help determine which items can or cannot be restored. It is important to get an inspection done as soon as possible to get the smoke odor restoration started as quickly as possible in order to stop further damage to the structure. Master Extractor we’re the one company that can provide all of your smoke odor restoration needs after a fire. We use truck mounted extraction units also smaller units that can be place in the building to remove any residual water left from the fire department. Moisture meters help us in calculating the removal of any moisture in the structure that may have been left from putting out the fire. Once removed, fire restoration can begin. We will restore your building and belongings to their pre-exciting conditions if possible. If you are in need of any fire damage cleaned up please call us at 800-878-9621.

Whether you have a small kitchen grease disaster or a full building fire, our technicians are on call and prepare to dispatch a crew out to repair your structure right away. A custom estimate and a restoration solution for our services will be provided to you. We work with our customers needs in mind and always take immediate action after a fire to avoid any secondary damages smoke odor if left unattended only gets worse call us asap at 800-878-9621.


Smells and smoke odors can have a lingering and devastating effect if not dealt with properly the restoration is a process and needs to be completed correctly, it is crucial that the process begins within a 12-24 hr. Time frame to keep further damaging from occurring. Waiting  just a 24 hour period can greatly increase the amount of damages, costs and time needed to do your restoration smoke odor removal project. Call our crews as soon as possible at 800-878-9621.