Flooding Cleanup & Flood Damage Property

By rkolodin

At Master Extractor our technicians are IICRC certified, trained and experienced in flood cleanup and flood damage restoration. There are many factors that can lead to a flooding disaster, such as heavy rain fall, broken pipes, faulty sump pumps, these are all causes of flooding in your home or business. There are also three different categories and different classifications to consider as well. Trust our licensed technicians that have more than 25 years of experience in flood cleanup and flood damage restoration services. Call us 24/7 us @ 800-878-9621.


Master Extractor technicians will disinfect, dry and cleanup the flooding in your home or office after any flood damages or standing water, using only the most up-to-date state of the art equipment. High powered equipment and training make us the best in the flood cleanup field. Our technicians use truck mounted water extraction unit and industrial strength drying equipment to assure proper water extraction and drying of your property. Moisture meters and moisture sensors are used to ensure proper drying. A constant moisture reading is also followed in order to reach the proper moisture content of the structure. For any flood cleanup services call us anytime at 800-878-9621.


Your insurance adjuster may not cover items considered sentimental and these types of valuables should always be stored for safely. Nothing can ever prepare you for the devastation that a flooding can cause. Never let debris or other things cover your floor drains.  Never enter standing water without turning off the power source first to ensure your safety. Turn off all lights when there is a storm warning so you don’t have power surges.  Never enter a room that has sagging ceilings, these may collapse and hurt you. Do not attempt to remove the standing water with a household vacuum or shop vac, this can serious injury. Call the professionals at Master Extractor anytime at 800-878-9621.


The drying process can involve a number of different techniques, depending on the category and classification of the water such as “black water” also known as sewage. Heat, dehumidifiers and fans are all used to remove the moisture from within the structure. The combination of heat and air movement helps release any moisture from the walls and floors so our dehumidifiers can remove all moisture to prevent mold from setting in, which when it comes to water damage time is important.


No matter what the cause of your water issue, here at Master Extractor our goal is to restore the structure and contents back to its pre-flood condition as best as and as fast as we can. If need be we will pack out and create an inventory, ship your contents to our controlled climate warehouse where we will restore any salvageable damaged contents. After the reconstruction phase of your restoration has been completed items will be returned in its pre-existing condition or replaced. Our trustworthy compassionate technicians want to make your flooding disaster a great restoration experience. Call us immediately with any flood or standing water issues @ 800-878-9621.

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