Basement Flood Cleanup & Flood Extraction

By rkolodin

At Master Extractor our technicians are efficient and certified experts in basement flood cleanup. Flood water in your basement is always a great concern for a home owner or business owner. We have can help with all of your needs when dealing with such devastation. Work should be done in a timely matter to insure there isn’t any Secondary damage caused to within the structure. Our technicians first comes in and takes note of the amount of Flood water to be extracted, and the type of water (sewage or clean water) that’s has entered your basement. We will use our flood extraction tools and drying process that is the most efficient to make sure you basement flood damage is as minimal a possible and restore all of your salvageable damaged contents back to their pre-existing condition. After a basement flood their may be some dry wall damage, after the extraction we we in most cases we can dry it. Time is always important when dealing with any type of flood damage. Call us with any flooding in your basement, standing water or sewage, our friendly professional staff is on call 24/7 @ 800-878-9621.


We provide an array of extraction equipment such as sealed extractors (the claw) which will remove water from thicker areas of carpets or padding, portable flood extractors which can remove up to 55 gallons of water at a time. Truck mounts for removing any standing water from your flooded basement and provide fans and dehumidifiers that remove moisture from the air and the building. We use moisture meters and keep track of the moisture content in the air and the building as the job progresses. To prevent any further damages, contact our team once the damage has been noticed. The sooner that you call, the sooner that our technicians can respond. Our staff is IICRC certified, trained and experienced in any type of basement flooding restoration. Call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week @800-878-9621.


If you are experiencing a flood inside your basement because of  a broken hot water tank, sub pump failure, storm damages, broken appliance, clogged toilet, sewage overflow or even a leaking foundation don’t try to clean it up yourself. Some basement Floods contain sewage overflow which can be hazardous to your health and your pets. Call the experts at Master Extractor our crews specialize in emergency flood damage restoration services. The faster we can start the work the less damage you have, the less damages you have the less money you will have to pay out of pocket. If you have a water in your basement, allow us to restore it for you. Call us day or night at 800-878-9621.


Nobody can be completely prepared for everything but you should always have a plan just in case you have any type of basement flooding. Keep in mind your important documents and papers should be keep in an air-tight safe container. Check your appliance seals and anything connected to a water source should have regular maintenance and up-keep. If you have noticed you have a basement flood call the professional disaster restoration specialists at Master Extractor. We are fully prepared for anything you need to call us for at 800-878-9621.


Immediate action with your basement damages will get you the best results. Our crews have more than 25 years of experience in basement flood drying services. Your safety is our biggest concern and we want to provide you with a the best overall experience. No matter what the size or the cause of your basement flood we can extract and restore the property. Water damages, mold damage, odor problems or sewage flooding are all major reasons for the disaster services that we provide. call us 24/7 @ 800-878-9621.

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